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We only get to visit family once a year so it is important to me to be able to share photos and stories with Grandparents and siblings.  I finally found a secure place to share and communicate with my family!  

Famicity is a great place for our family to communicate.  There are no ads and no intrusion of privacy. Because of the privacy and security more of my family members are willing to share online what is going on in their lives.  This helps us all feel connected and support each other. 

Thank you for providing this service."


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Parents, children and 

grandchildren are brought

 together to share their story.

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Members of our families are increasingly scattered throughout the world. 

Thanks to Famicity, your loved ones will finally be united! Together, you can write your family story and communicate privately on a daily basis.

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With your family, share stories, photos, videos and other materials that will allow your children and grandchildren to know where they come from.

Secure your data

On Famicity, you control the data you share by choosing who can access it. Your data will never be visible on the search engines.

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They love Famicity...

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Share your genealogy and complete it in family with the story that was written today.

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